About Us
" Come Closer To Nature - The exclusive holiday house
you are looking for you and family and friends together."

Monotony, stress and work pressure have become part
and parcel of all individuals. As a result of this, individuals
get exasperated, morose at times irritated. The need
to vent out the pent-up emotions becomes
absolutely essential.

Poornima House,Panchgani,under the Season Hill
Consultants.Is an ideal dwelling. A Home Away From
Home Easily it comfortably accessible,nestled in the cool,
picturesque surroundings of natural environment is
Poornima house.

Relax in the well furnished house with facilities along
with family , friends , freak out at in the heart of
Mahableshwar- Panchgani.The comforting rooms,
lawns,facilities available in the house is a sure thing
let you relax and get close too nature.You need too
experience it too know it better.

The scenic views around help you too rejuvenate nature.
Our Take a short holiday , rejuvenate yourselves for a
healthy,fruitful , successful morrow.
Poornimahouse bungalow